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Coalition to Prevent Misuse of Alcohol | Cartersville, GA | CPMA
  • reduce the early onset of alcohol use among 9 to 20 year olds
  • reduce the access to alcohol and binge drinking among 9 to 20 year olds
  • reduce binge drinking among 18 to 25 year olds within the Bartow and Polk Communities


  • AlcoholEDU
  • Responsible Server Training
  • Positive Social Norms Approach

Strategic Prevention Network

strategic prevention network
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The Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is a model used to plan community level programs or projects. Members of the CPMA along with community leaders will use this model to help guide strategies as they relate to specific goals. The five steps of the SPF model:
  • Assess their prevention needs based on epidemiological data
  • Build their prevention capacity
  • Develop a strategic plan
  • Implement effective community prevention programs, policies and practices
  • Evaluate their efforts for outcomes
Throughout all five steps, implementers of the SPF must address issues of sustainability and cultural competence.

Rethink the Drink is a media campaign designed to educate youth and parents on the following:
  • That alcohol is a drug and to 'rethink the drink' before making decisions involving the misuse of alcohol.
  • That parents with minor children should 'rethink the drink' when it comes to having alcohol accessible in their home.
  • That youth should begin to 'rethink the drink' when making choices about drinking alcohol for the first time and to wait until they are 21 before deciding to drink.
  • That young adults should 'rethink the drink' when it comes to binge drinking (having multiple alcoholic drinks at one sitting).

For Adults: Please text PREVENT to 25399 to receive information about strategies for the prevention of the misuse of alcohol in minors and adults.

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In order to ensure the safety of everyone, please make a commitment to host safe, alcohol-free parties, educate your teens and peers about the dangers of alcohol, and to be a role model for others.
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